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Office Furniture

The Silestro Multi Functional Glass table can change the looks of your office

Your office or your home office should have the best of all furniture items that can be made available. After all, the work place not only should look alluring but also the rendition of style adds to the enthusiasm and the business confidence of an organization. Consider a client walking into your office and what he meets before you is the immaculate and stylish furniture that is the part of the office décor. The stylish elegance will assuredly take him in and his confidence in you will grow. This is where, without a word, half the battle is won.
To create such a dazzling effect there are innumerable furniture items for your office, but one which stands out is the Silvestre Multifunctional Glass Table by Stimex. This is one office table that has been made with a delicate material yet it has been designed such that the delicacy of the design makes it look imposing within the walls of the office. This table is an
ergonomic office furniture and executive Chairs item that has the right looks to make it stand apart from the rest of the décor of your office.

The top of this table is made in white stain glass that has been cut in a shape that will remind you of the shape of the screens of the televisions that used to come with cabinets. Only the outer edges match the shape and unlike the picture tube of the older television, the top is perfectly flat. This is one of the most sought after glass office furniture items today.
The hard glass top is supported by aluminum legs which have been fit with poise. Each of the leg has not been bluntly attached to the top but each of them has a top that gets divided into four legs and it would seem like the leg is an upturned long item with four kegs for legs. Each of these legs has been attached at the farthest corners of the glass top for maximum support. This table, because of this extra stability and durability is also a successful office furniture item and is able to sustain the weight of a desktop quite comfortably. Everything about this piece of furniture spells class and integrity.

Capsico Saddle Chair- Get the dynamism in the office

Ever felt that your office needs something different yet something very officious looking? It will add an element of a welcome change that will infuse a sense of newness that will permeate the psyche and stimulate the enthusiasm of anyone who will be using this item. Let there be a furniture item that is not only unique but also functional and will help you be mobile between the table and the cabinet with ease till you have to rush to your boss’s office to hand over the information to him/her.
Introducing the Capsico Saddle Chair and this is by far the most different design that you would have ever seen amongst all the designer chairs that you would have ever seen. This chair has especially been designed for a dynamic office environment where you have to be on your toes, almost literally and get the work done. This is one of those special office furniture chairs . that have been designed to serve its functionality with comfort. This is like one of those stacking chairs yet it has ball wheels to help it move from one place to another at ease.

The design is simple yet elegant. There is a metal stem that supports the seat on top and is divided into five extensions that form the ball wheels of this excellent furniture item. The seat is backless and does not have arm rests either. The height of the seat can be increased or decreased and there is a lock that can be applied to the height. Then there is a provision of this seat to tilt backwards, in case you want to stretch backwards to pick something up with ease. This is one of those seats that can be used by a dynamic executive on the computer workstations as well.

The seat depth and the back height can be adjusted as per convenience. The roller balls of the seat are free flowing and the five legs to support the balance if the seat is pushed from its position to move to another. The most unique part of the seat is its shape. It is shaped like a saddle and has been made so in accordance with a saddle being used in a manner that involves the rider to shift position constantly and hence this design is for a dynamic office environment.