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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Valentino Dining table is set to astonish you

There is a huge demand for items that are different and those which are off beat. This is true for the furniture items also. Be it chairs or tables, now that everyone has access to the finest of furniture designs, the demand for better and more innovative furniture items has increased. Have you ever thought that you can convert your dining room into a hub of designer furniture? You might be at a loss of thoughts considering the dining room consists majorly of a dining table and a chair and what possibly could revolutionize the looks where those items are concerned?

Presenting the Valentino Dining Table by Cattelan Italia, which is a dining table with a design that surpasses most of the most known so far. The table is made of glass and wood and comprises of fairly simple layout of some geometrically shaped designs that have been inculcated. Yet the sheer concept and the idea are that which make this table a classic design in casual dining furniture cadre.category. What sets this table apart from the other dining room table sets is the modern art that has been exhibited in the design. It is not that something has been drawn on the table but the whole structure itself looks like it has been inspired by some modern art design.
First of all, let us consider the top which starts in an elliptical design and then when it is half way through, the design curves into a straight line rather than completing the other half of the arc. This top is made of clear hard glass that has been deftly given this soft shape.
This top is supported on one of the most unique legs that you would have witnessed in a table. A little away from the corner on both the ends , inwards into the table is a broad, are two flat wooden
planks that stands tilted forming a V. This is the leg support of the table. These planks do not even form a regular V with one of them tilted more than the other. The plank that is tilted more is supported by a barrel structure. These planks are available in Walnut, Cherry and Wenge. The barrel structure is available in Tavrtine, Black Marquina, White Carrera and Green Alps colors. Together this whole structure makes for impeccable  quality dining room Furniture .