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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Rialto Modern Bar Stool is an Exquisite Piece of Furniture

There are many ways to style up your home but there is no better way than to follow the trends and “going by the book”. The style lies in doing things the right way and if you have the right furniture for the right décor, then you have the taste and the perception to be able to sustain style for a long time. Formal is the latest trend in personal spaces. It though defies conventional wisdom but it has to be understood that it also helps disciplining habits and easy maintenance.

It is true that one will not consider furniture items to make it easy to maintain. That is just an additional benefit that comes with all good furniture designs. However, there are some designs that serve the purpose of all that is mentioned above. These specialist furniture items cannot be used everywhere for all purposes. We present the Rialto Modern Counter Stool and Bar Stool by Cabot Wrenn which is the stool design that can be used only when you are sitting at the counter of your favorite bar or at a breakfast joint. This bar stool has been designed for exclusivity and comfort. This is one of the furniture items that cannot be used casually at any place else.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Valentino Dining table is set to astonish you

There is a huge demand for items that are different and those which are off beat. This is true for the furniture items also. Be it chairs or tables, now that everyone has access to the finest of furniture designs, the demand for better and more innovative furniture items has increased. Have you ever thought that you can convert your dining room into a hub of designer furniture? You might be at a loss of thoughts considering the dining room consists majorly of a dining table and a chair and what possibly could revolutionize the looks where those items are concerned?

Presenting the Valentino Dining Table by Cattelan Italia, which is a dining table with a design that surpasses most of the most known so far. The table is made of glass and wood and comprises of fairly simple layout of some geometrically shaped designs that have been inculcated. Yet the sheer concept and the idea are that which make this table a classic design in casual dining furniture cadre.category. What sets this table apart from the other dining room table sets is the modern art that has been exhibited in the design. It is not that something has been drawn on the table but the whole structure itself looks like it has been inspired by some modern art design.
First of all, let us consider the top which starts in an elliptical design and then when it is half way through, the design curves into a straight line rather than completing the other half of the arc. This top is made of clear hard glass that has been deftly given this soft shape.
This top is supported on one of the most unique legs that you would have witnessed in a table. A little away from the corner on both the ends , inwards into the table is a broad, are two flat wooden
planks that stands tilted forming a V. This is the leg support of the table. These planks do not even form a regular V with one of them tilted more than the other. The plank that is tilted more is supported by a barrel structure. These planks are available in Walnut, Cherry and Wenge. The barrel structure is available in Tavrtine, Black Marquina, White Carrera and Green Alps colors. Together this whole structure makes for impeccable  quality dining room Furniture .

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tai Wood Conference table is a cool furniture item for the conference rooms

If you are looking for office furniture, then you necessarily do not have to go for furniture that is typecast. Office furniture now-a-days is high in demand and there are demands to have this furniture made not just for utility but also as items of elegance and style that will enhance the décor of the office and render additional elegance to it. These designs are not just meant to look good but also to make one feel good. After all if there is something stylish and efficient in the office, is this not a good persuasion for all the employees to be so as well?

The Tai Wood Conference Table is one of the most spectacular modular conference tables available in our office furniture stores . This table is made in such a design that it not only races the room that it is in but also imposes its presence. Most of the other furniture is overshadowed by the sheer presence of this table and the structure is not just utilitarian but also a remarkable design that exhibits authority, style and exuberance. This table is the right design and size for a conference room and it fits right in with all the décor and other furniture.

The design is simple and elegant, yet the cool office furniture. structure gives the vibes of sleek elegance and sturdy thickness. The top is made of wood that is flat in structure and design. The polished wood finish of the top shows the sheer effort that has gone behind the preparation of this chic, modern table. The idea in itself is different while following the typical table designs. The length of the top is straight but it does not form a rectangle. Instead it curves at the breadth end this is how the table achieves its symmetry.

This top is thin and one might feel that it will not be able to sustain sufficient weight. But the looks are deceptive and the reason why the table has thick legs is because the top, despite the sleek look is durable and dependable. It can sustain sufficient amounts of weight and this weight is what is spread out on the legs. The four legs are made of heavy metal and they do not support the top from below, but rather offer a “shoulder” from the sides.

The Royal Modern Day Bed is a stylish furniture item for your home

There are some furniture designs that you just cannot take your eyes off from once you have set on them. These are items that have especially been designed as luxury furniture items and they stand out not just because of their looks but also the comfort that they impart. Each of these items is a furniture design that is niche, classy and enviable. Remember the kind of seating arrangement in the five star hotels in the waiting area? There are furniture items that have been designed to be world class and have been made available for you to have in your house or your office. These designs are some of the finest in leather sofa beds and we present the pinnacle of style and comfort in the form of Royal Modern Day Bed.

This is one of the daybeds that is a must have in your living room. This is an excellent design that derives inspiration from furniture items that have been designed to impart royal looks. This bed stretches in a single length sideways and hence makes place for two to three people to sit comfortably and there is ample space and comfort that has been aligned with this daybed design to ensure that anyone who is seated will very unwillingly get up and get out of his/her comfort zone.

This is an excellent piece of craftsmanship. It has been designed using plantation grown hardwood and the whole structure not only has the flexibility of wood along with the sustenance for huge amounts of weight, but also is an ambient design that is in wood and is reliable and durable. There are side arms provided which rise up and curve outwards like they do in the thrones of the royalty. Though this does impart the look of comfort and royalty, yet it is meant for comfort and the material that has been used to complete the designs make sure of that.

The whole daybed though has a capacity to provide seating space for three has been divided into two portions and has elasticized fabric spring decks for extra comfort. The whole design is woven with Rattan of Abaca and the most unique features included are the storage drawers that are featured in front of the modern day bed. The cushions are included in base white fabric and they are removable for future usage.

Dining Chair Vanilla Is Absolutely Correct Formal Dinners

Ever wonder why it is that presidents have always had this look informal? Most chairs have this activity as the look that you are just come, sit and eat and then go. There are many many chairs that will keep you lingering at the table, when actually wiped the plate.

But this design that we are about to discuss is one of those designs that have been crated as items of furniture for dining room , but they succeed in not just establishing themselves as some of the most unique looking antique dining chairs, but also bear that royal look that has not generally been seen amongst the dining room décor .

Introduction by the President eat Vanilla Cattelan Italia, which is to create the most diverse and box designs. These chairs are designed to withstand the dining room table, and when you actually sit on them and get your supper, you want to stay in them even after dinner, and the treatment will make you feel as it is a part of a royal treatment which is part of the schedule of dinner and all this is only because of the chairs you sit on.

This chair is designed for comfort and can easily be confused with a sofa, as it looks. The design is inspired by the leather sofa with high back Victorian style furniture. But that's just the basic design, which was considered similar to period furniture and it ends here. The arms on this sofa is wide and tall, and back are relatively large and large businesses. Its height is more than any conventional chair and leaning back angle is perfect for anyone to sit and relax. This is the kind of president you will be able to sit in your evening dress and take a lunch or a formal dinner in comfort.

This dining chair is available in several colors at once black and white. The frame is made of steel frame and covered with soft leather. The feet are chromed steel.