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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Royal Modern Day Bed is a stylish furniture item for your home

There are some furniture designs that you just cannot take your eyes off from once you have set on them. These are items that have especially been designed as luxury furniture items and they stand out not just because of their looks but also the comfort that they impart. Each of these items is a furniture design that is niche, classy and enviable. Remember the kind of seating arrangement in the five star hotels in the waiting area? There are furniture items that have been designed to be world class and have been made available for you to have in your house or your office. These designs are some of the finest in leather sofa beds and we present the pinnacle of style and comfort in the form of Royal Modern Day Bed.

This is one of the daybeds that is a must have in your living room. This is an excellent design that derives inspiration from furniture items that have been designed to impart royal looks. This bed stretches in a single length sideways and hence makes place for two to three people to sit comfortably and there is ample space and comfort that has been aligned with this daybed design to ensure that anyone who is seated will very unwillingly get up and get out of his/her comfort zone.

This is an excellent piece of craftsmanship. It has been designed using plantation grown hardwood and the whole structure not only has the flexibility of wood along with the sustenance for huge amounts of weight, but also is an ambient design that is in wood and is reliable and durable. There are side arms provided which rise up and curve outwards like they do in the thrones of the royalty. Though this does impart the look of comfort and royalty, yet it is meant for comfort and the material that has been used to complete the designs make sure of that.

The whole daybed though has a capacity to provide seating space for three has been divided into two portions and has elasticized fabric spring decks for extra comfort. The whole design is woven with Rattan of Abaca and the most unique features included are the storage drawers that are featured in front of the modern day bed. The cushions are included in base white fabric and they are removable for future usage.


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