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Family and Kids

The Lido Maxi Leather kids bed is a style quotient of your kids bedroom

Your bedroom is that special place which is symbolic of rest and comfort. That is one spot where you can lie down and sleep at peace. Or if you like reading before sleeping, this will be one haven where you must have finished countless books. This is one special place that should be graced by no bed short of extraordinary. Presenting, the Lido Maxi Leather Bed by SMA-Mobili which is an epitome in designer kids bedding and kids bedding sets.This is an exotic looking bed with whose backrest is one of the highlights. Yet it is not just the back rest that makes it special.
The modest and the simple design of this bed have turned out to be something so elegant and stylish that the urbane impression is imparted from the whole of this bed. Amongst all the designer baby bedding ,and cool kids beds the Lido Maxi Leather kids bed has one of the most chic designs, which has been inspired by the Italian furniture work.
Consider the base of the bed which looks like a huge piece of flat wooden block. This bed base is thinner than the normal box bed bases and it is made in white. This is where the conventional design takes the backseat. The white base is a double bed base with legs which are hardly visible. It seems that the bed is slightly elevated and there are no legs. The leg support in itself is almost non- existent.
The second feature of the bed that makes it different is the headboard, which is larger than any conventional headboard design. It has white leather straps woven to make it up and it stands tall right from the base of the bed. Assume that you decrease the height of the main bed and keep the headrest the same. Normally it will seem awkward, but the special design of this marvelous bed helps it stand apart.
The whole of the upholstery is in leather. The base or the main bed as well as the headrest consist of fine leather work in white. The frame of the bed itself is made of tobacco oak and hence where the durability and the life of the framework are concerned, there can be no second thoughts about it. This bed is one of the most beautiful pieces of woodwork in our bedroom furniture online store.